September Birthstone- Sapphire

September Birthstone- Sapphire

September’s birthstone is sapphire, traditionally most think of blue sapphire when they think of this birthstone. Most blue sapphires, like ruby are commonly heated to improve color. Sapphires come from all over the world including places like the United States, Africa, Asia, and Australia. 

Now let's get into the other kinds of sapphires out there! Fancy sapphires have been more recognized in the market since the 1990’s, however star sapphires have been important and valuable since the 16th century! Padparadscha is one of the most expensive fancy sapphires with its pinkish orange to orange pink color. The word Padparadscha means “lotus flower,” so if you’re trying to imagine the colors, just think of a lotus flower.

Fancy sapphires come in all colors: pink, purple, yellow, orange, green, colorless, and black. And finally we have color-change sapphires. As with other color-change gems, the change in color is a result of being exposed to different types of lighting.

 The Basics:

  • Mohs Scale: 9
  • Mineral: Corundum
  • 5th and 45th wedding anniversary

Fun Facts:

  • Sapphire and ruby are the same mineral, it is only a color difference that gives them a different name
  • Sapphire comes in all the colors of the rainbow
  • People buy more jewelry with blue sapphires than any other colored stone
  • The elements that cause sapphire to be blue in color are iron and titanium
  • Sapphire is associated with faithfulness, truth, nobility, and sincerity